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GCRemote Pro

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Control your Global Caché IR device from your Android phone!Each button can be custom programmed to operate any device that uses infrared control.Button text is customizable.Create up to six remote control profiles to use during different activities (watching TV, playing a DVD, playing your video game console, or something else!
Works with the Global Caché iTach IR devices. May also work with the GC-100 (not tested).
Our goal is to support the home automation community by making this app as easy to use as possible. Suggestions are welcome! (Wizard App Makers is not affiliated in any way with Global Cache. We just think they make cool stuff.)
Please send any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvements
Please report bugs to the email address above before rating this app. They can usually be fixed quickly!
Instructions can be found here:
Upgrading from Lite to Pro:If you tried out GCRemote Lite and you want to move all your profiles and commands to Pro, do the following:1. Make a backup from the Settings screen in Lite.2. Open the settings screen in Pro and press “Restore”.3a. Exit the app and go to Android Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded -> GCRemote Pro. OR3b. Reboot your phone/tablet.4. Open GCRemote Pro. All the buttons should now be set to the default IP address & port number If necessary, go through each button and change the IP address and port to the correct settings. Copy & paste makes it easier.
Thanks for trying (and using) GCRemote!